Laser Tummy Tuck

June 8th, 2010
Titan/Tri-active laser tummy tuck is a procedure that can be chosen instead of the tummy tuck surgery. The results are mainly the same through this non surgical laser treatment. When obesity and weight issues are threatening and carry possible health hazards, some type of treatment is essential. Tummy tuck surgery can be the best possible option. This is a pure surgical treatment and incisions will be made at the abdominal area. People that are against surgical treatments are looking for possible non surgical treatments, which is called a laser tummy tuck.
Laser tummy tuck through Titan/Tri-active is proven to be a great treatment against excess body fats. Besides laser treatment, there are few other treatments available for the removal of the excess fats. Those others include injections and anesthetics but these procedures are still under testing and few are reasonably slow in gaining benefits. Many people tend to go with tummy tuck surgery procedure to gain quicker results. Tummy tuck surgery always attains satisfactory results and all the attained results are surprisingly permanent. This assurance is not there in any other fat removal procedure.

Laser tummy tuck is a procedure for tightening the skin and successfully dissolving excess body fats. Collagen fiber shrinking will take place through the heat of the laser. Laser is the only input in this process and no medication or injection will be used. Though it is a proven procedure, facts like more time consumption, has made this procedure take a back seat. Being overweight is a problem that needs early attention and if not treated in time, will lead to other health hazards.

Laser tummy tuck procedure is not often preferred due to the delay in attaining results. It consumes a lot of time and multiple visits. People often have side effects like rashes and burning sensations from the heat of the laser. Due to these side effects, the popularity of this procedure is pretty low. For this reason, people are more interested in the tummy tuck plastic surgery.


4 Responses to “Laser Tummy Tuck”

  1. NAMRATA says:

    The is a very wonderful blog and also very useful. I enjoyed reading it very much. Thank you.

  2. Zoe says:

    Does this procedure hurt? I admit I don’t know much about laser procedures so I’m not sure what this would be like. How severe are the burning sensations you’re talking about? I have heard that with surgeries like gastric bypass and liposuctions you still have to get the person into a healthier lifestyle or they’ll just gain all that weight right back. I assume that is true for this procedure too. Does removing the fat actually help in life threatening situations if the person is not exercising enough? I imagine you’d need a combination of this procedure and exercise.

  3. Hazel Franklin says:

    how long does it take I am 56 and I need a make over. I would like to know how much it will cost. Can a person make payments or get financing?

  4. Tina Cunning says:

    Laser Tummy Tuck is something I would like to have done once the technology becomes better.

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